Hello guys, today’s post is about my last trip to Bohol Panglao island in  The Philippines.

Last weekend i was invited together with my family to visit the brand new Be Grand Resort  Bohol. In the next few minutes i will be sharing with you guys a little bit of my experiences and photos that i took on the trip.

The resort is really nice, my favourite point is the privacy and the fact that is really family friendly, i could easily  leave my 5 year old daughter alone at the resort without worrying  about it.

The facilities are very nice, new, modern, clean and has a nice mix of art and confront, which make the place very classy.


check it out their Facebook page ==>https://www.facebook.com/BeGrandResortBohol/?fref=ts

and website ===>http://web.begrandresort-bohol.com


The Room are very nice, spacious, new, clean and bright.


The beach was my favourite part, because the Resort has a kind of private beach,  which gave us a lot of freedom.



Amazing sunset and peaceful place.


My favourite part of the trip.

Its really important to me  as a father to teach my kid to have a relationship of respect with the Nature and understand that we are all connected in some mystical way

we i had great moments with my daughter.





paparazzi  be-grand-bohol-9


The hotel has a great gym with top quality equipments, i am the kind of person who likes to exercise, specially during my free time (holidays).

so during the day i did a lot of water activity and at night i used to do a little cardio, stretch and a bit of weights.


The Food Hall restaurant, breakfast served every morning into a buffet style.

The food is really good, the hotel has a lot of options between  fruits, salads, juices, cereals and for those who like to eat more in the morning they also have some typical filipino breakfast (fish, rice, chicken, bacon…..)

more shots of the place and some fun activities , also you see working hard to balance to take a selfie .be-grand-bohol-10- 


Since 2014 i have read  in couple of  books the idea of lifestyle entrepreneur ,inspired by this idea  2015 was a great year where i could start to building   business and way of  income  that  fits to my lifestyle , here are some of the photos i took during this trip for our company Agua Brazilian swimwear , if you follow me  you can see that most of my trip is a mixture of leisure and business.  there a couple of book i recommend you if you are interested in this idea  ( the 4 hours work week by time Ferriss ,The business of t 21 century by Robert Kyioski and start with why by Simon Sinek ) great books…….here is the website of Agua Brazilian swimwear for more information.     ====>http://www.aguaswimwear.portfoliobox.me/home



final thoughts

i higly  recommend the hotel , especially with you travel as a family.   and bohol is one of my favourite place in the Philippines , the beach is close to the airport very convenient ,

has a lots of activities to do , and still not so crowded  compare to boracay


thank you until the next adventure

Hideo Muraoka januray 11 2016