Visiting the Gardens by The Bay

a most go attraction in Singapore.

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Flower Dome

flower dome is the the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records.

its a beautiful place

DSCF7385-1  Panoramic view DSCF7406-1

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The Cloud Forest


definitely  a most go attraction in Singapore.

cloud forest is an espetacular man made forest that has  incredible variety of vegetation, and beauty

some of there plants you can only find in high cold mountain above 1800 m of sea level. i highly recommend visiting this place

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My Favourite  Part of the day 

the is a very nice playgorund around the bay area, where the kids can refresh and have some fun ….

this is where i got my favourite shoots and Daniela enjoyed the most as you can see it on the photos.

DSCF7855-1 DSCF7853-1 DSCF7845-1 DSCF7889-1 DSCF7883-1 so this is how the afternoon ended , as you can see  it Danda was not bother by the new cut , Kids being Kids